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COVID19 Response

Our Plan to Reopen…

We appreciate our family of customers supporting us over the past 7 weeks. Your kindness and generosity have meant the world to us, and now we are excited to be able to serve you again.

As soon as we were forced to close due to COVID-19, ownership immediately began working on potential plans for what it would be like when/if we reopened. Our rollout on this began months ago, and we say this in an effort for people to feel secure in that the decision was not rushed. Our efforts were methodical and based off of state guidelines, tips from other colleagues and health and industry professionals in other areas and states with similar guidance plans. Every possible scenario was considered and phased into our ‘what if’ category where we would tirelessly work to eliminate any potential issues. We feel very confident in our opening guidelines and look forward to serving our guests in the following capacities.


We had many ‘Top Priorities’ one of which was being able to re-employee our staff members who needed to work and provide for themselves and their families. The unemployment system in Florida has been a disappointment for its constituents and we opted to take the necessary means to get back to work. We polled our staff of over 150 people across the state and the overwhelming majority were in favor of returning to work in a safe environment. Our staff was updated during meetings on Sunday across the state in which we discussed the new regulations. Our staff is safe, knowledgeable with the rules and excited to see our guests in any capacity they feel comfortable with.

  • Temperature checks will be administered to all employees working daily.
  • FOH staff and BOH staff will wear gloves, masks and hair coverings
  • Sanitizer will be made available throughout the restaurant for customers and staff
  • Single-use gloves will be worn by our management team and expediters running food
  • Plexi-Glass dividers have been installed at some locations in narrow areas and checkout stands


Our customers health and safety are of the utmost importance as well. We urge our customers to please consider others when coming to eat. If you aren’t feeling well, PLEASE STAY HOME. WE have also implemented many of the following strategies.


  • We highly recommend using our new online ordering system! Simply go to our Online Ordering page, find your location, then start building your breakfast! This helps us reduce the bombardment of calls we get as well as our time spent on the phone taking calls and monitor our safety protocols.
  • Carryout orders will now be shifted to Curbside. If you place an order to-go and arrive at your location, simply call the number of your store upon your arrival, or a staff member will run to your car and take care of you. We are encouraging all guests to allow us to bring them their food in a safe environment without needing to come into the store. This helps to reduce crowding, which is of the upmost importance. We will be rolling out designated curbside parking spots at all our locations in the upcoming weeks.
  • Third party delivery services such as Bite Squad and Uber Eats remain active for our guests to enjoy delivery to their homes. Many services have adjusted their hours to allow for early morning delivery. We encourage our guests who would not like to visit us at this time to enjoy our food in the comfort in their own home.


  • Our outside patios will have tables over 6 feet apart for guests to enjoy the beautiful weather while staying safe
  • Dine in Capacity has been reduced to 25% with zero bar seating and tables spaced well over 6 feet apart.
  • Disposable sanitation rags will be used to wipe down all surfaces down between customer use
  • Dine-In will use sealed, disposal silverware packaging equipped with napkin, salt and pepper
  • Disposable menus will be used for any customer requesting a menu, and our menu is available online as well

For longer waits on weekends or when we exceed capacity, we will be switching to a text-based system to let you know when your table is ready. This will allow you to safely social distance in your car or elsewhere while you wait for your table to be cleaned and prepared. We are anticipating waits, so please be prepared to social distance while you wait on your table as well as a slightly longer wait as the sanitation process is very thorough in between guests.

With our sanitation partners across the state, new protocols have been taken daily and weekly. Our stores are cleaned and disinfected by our teams of professionals with ULV foggers (as opposed to thermal foggers) that produce droplets that are approximately 5-30 microns in size. The smaller the microns, the better placement on surfaces. If you are interested in more information on this product, Click Here.

We realize that some of you will not be joining us, and that’s OK! We are your friendly neighborhood breakfast place, and we welcome anyone to join us when the time is right for them. We appreciate everyone’s understanding in our decision and would appreciate positive vibes in our quest to climb this mountain. As always, we will be monitoring health and safety protocol updates, and methodology or plans can change as we evolve to better serve our customers in a safe and friendly environment. We appreciate all our guests and thank you for being patient with us during this trying time. We look forward to seeing you soon.