We're more than just some pretty pancakes!  Check out our story and learn what makes us a better kind of brunch spot.


Canopy Road Café was founded by Brad Buckenheimer and David Raney in their college town of Tallahassee, FL. The two opened their doors in April 2007 to a welcoming community of breakfast-loving folks who would become the foundation of the CRC family.

Tallahassee is well-known for the beautiful tree canopies that cover many roads, and make driving around town a beautiful, scenic experience. The name “Canopy Road Cafe” was born out of a love for this natural phenomenon, and lives on as an homage to the place where everything began.

Since its humble beginnings, Canopy Road Café has grown into a staple for the Tallahassee community, which has allowed it to extend its branches all across the state of Florida. Designed with community at its core, each eatery works hard to become a hub for locals and travelers alike. Drop by one time and you’ll be greeted with friendly faces and open arms. Visit again and you’ll be greeted by folks who remember your name and are excited to welcome you back!


A Taste of Florida Comfort

We're proud to be from the sunshine state! We love to incorporate little pieces of our history and home into everything we do. From the ingredients in our food to the decor on our walls, we strive to be a reflection of the friendly hospitality we grew up with.

Gracious, Friendly Service

A restaurant with great food is nothing without stellar service to go along with it. From day one, we train our staff to make sure your seat is always comfortable, your coffee cup is always full, and your food tastes as delicious as it should. Our top priority is making sure you leave your table satisfied - every single time!

Where Friends Become Family

There’s nothing like finding a place that you love enough to come back to, time and time again! That’s why we've spent over a decade crafting an experience that makes our customers feel like family when they're here. We're proud to say we've made many newcomers into regulars over the years, and we're always looking forward to meeting more!


We take great pride in the people who work with us every day. We strive to cultivate a team that holds our values to the highest standard and makes sure the guest experience is as awesome as it can be.


Meet the folks behind the creation and operation of the Canopy Road Cafe brand.

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